Who was Massimo?

Let me introduce you to Massimo Hazeltine Pisani. Massimo is my 2nd great grandfather in my maternal line. Massimo and I have a love/hate relationship…he loves to hide from me and I HATE it! The picture below was taken at the Pisani house in Govans, Baltimore City, Maryland (year unknown).  The location of the house was close to the intersection of York Road and Winston Avenue.

Original photo in possession of Barbara L Henry.

Massimo was born in 1847 in Tuscany, Italy and immigrated to the United States in about 1858.  He was a fruit dealer in Baltimore City, Maryland until the early 1900s.  He married a German immigrant (Rosa Margarethe Epple) in Baltimore City, Maryland in 1871 and they had 5 children.
I believe that he had at least one brother, Egisto Pisani b. abt 1843.  Egisto served in the Civil War. He may have also had a brother named Antonio b. abt 1830.
If anyone has any Pisani ancestors that lived in Baltimore in the 1800s-1900s (there were not many), please let me know.  Maybe we can piece this family together.

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