Thank you Pennsylvania and

I was out of town for the weekend on an annual Easter weekend golf trip with friends. Good weather, great company and lots of laughs.  When I got home on Sunday I was ready to relax, maybe catch up on a little TV, basically do NOTHING.  I got out my iPad and decided to catch up on my genealogy news.  That is when my entire Sunday, and pretty much any spare minute since changed.

I was reading my subscribed blogs and came across this one:
Pennsylvania Death Certificates Now Available

What?  Wait, did I read that right?  Pennsylvania, specifically York County, Pennsylvania is probably my 2nd largest research location.  I have ordered death certificates for my direct line ancestors but not many for collateral relatives.  The indexes didn’t have a lot of information and it was sometimes hard to confirm I had the right person before sending my check
But the database and images not available on is a GOLD MINE!!!

Although it only covers 18 years, I have found lost infants, married daughters, lots of mother’s maiden names and I have been able to piece together some families that I was previously unsure of their connections.  I have filled in a bunch of those death dates that were previously listed as “between 1900-1910” and “between 1910-1920″from census records.
Of course, now I can’t wait for the collection to be expanded so i can fill in even more gaps!
Back to searching…

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