More DNA

As mentioned in my previous post I’m a…Viking?, I was a bit confused when I got my AncestryDNA results.
Because of this, I decided to have my mother and my father’s brother take the test to try to “separate” the maternal and paternal ethnicity.
My mother took her test, I sent it back and within 2 weeks I received the results last Saturday.  It was a busy weekend and I really didn’t have the chance to look at her results in any detail.

Our results are as follows:

My results are above                     My mother’s results are above

One of the first things that caught my eye is the Italy/Greece percentage.  Through my research, I expect all of this region to come from my maternal line.  So, to see my mother has 20% and I have more at 24% is a little surprising.
The rest is about what I expected I guess, my research has supported much of her result, a lot more diversity.

My uncle took the test last Saturday, the same day I got my mother’s result.  So, I’ve mailed it back, activated his test and am now in the unbearable waiting stage.  My paternal line was the most confusing since I thought there would be a lot more of the Europe West region in my results.

Admittedly, I need to read a little more about DNA in general.  I know that DNA isn’t the only answer and that as more people get tested the results will be adjusted, but I’m fascinated by the results I’ve gotten so far.  I’m so interested in seeing my uncle’s results!

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