I Miss Letters

Last night about a dozen family members on my Dad’s side got together for dinner.  My Uncle John brought some old letters with him.  These letters were written in the 1970s when he lived in Florida.  It was so fun to read and pass around, especially since most of them were written by me and my cousins when we were kids. 
Letter writing, obviously, has declined due to the internet, email and Facebook.  I didn’t realize how much I miss letters until we sat around that table and read letters last night.  Yes, you can let your kids type emails, and you can print them out and pass them around the table too.  But to see the handwriting it seems so much more personal.  I hope he shares more letters in the future.
I only took pictures of the 2 letters he brought that were written by me or my immediate family.

The first letter was written in November of 1972 by my mother.  Also included were “snip-its” from my sister and I.

You can tell it was the 1970s because my mother is inquiring if a fondue pot would be a good wedding gift for my uncle and his wife.
First up is my sister, she was 5 and obviously just learning to write.

Letter Page 2 – November 1972
On the next page, I put in my 2 cents. I was 7.
Letter Page 3 – November 1972
I don’t have any return letters so I don’t know if he answered the question, I am sure he did.  I do know that we did not go visit them in Florida as I am sure that it was cost prohibitive for a family of 4 supported by a surveyor.
The next letter was written solo by me in November of 1974.  Apparently my family only wrote letters in November.  Judging by the address in the upper left and my formal closing, I assume it was written around the time we were learning letter writing in school.  
Letter – November 1974
It seems silly to be overjoyed by these letters but it thrills me that my uncle saved them after all these years.  It would be very easy to toss them away.  I am so glad he didn’t.

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