New On-Line Database for New Cathedral Cemetery in Baltimore

Thanks to a demo last night at one of the genealogy group I belong to I learned of a great new resource for Maryland.

If you have ancestors in New Cathedral Cemetery in Baltimore, there is great news for you!  There is now a burial database available for FREE!

Let’s take a really quick tour.

To access the burial database head over to  Next, on the top menu bar on the right side of the page, select Genealogy>Research Your Past.


Next, scroll down to the Free Basic Search.

Free database search at

Now you are ready to search.

Search box at

Plug in your names and see the results.  In this example I just searched on the Last Name Henry and got the following results:


Some things to mention:

  • You will notice in the image above the first name in the list is Edward L Henry.  In reality the first listing is for Albert J Henry.  However, the column headers are static, they do not move when you scroll the list.  So, when scrolling, be sure to scroll all the way up!
  • Notice there is more information to the right.  I know that because of the scroll bar.



  • Currently it does not look like wildcards work when searching.
  • You can only search by name, not by Section, Lot, etc.
  • It looks like you can copy the results and paste them into a spreadsheet (YAY!)

Remember to pay attention to those in the same lots, even if they have a different name.  Maybe a search of the Baltimore Sun for those people will yield some new information.

Although I have not spent an extended amount of time searching the database (yet), I am excited to get in there and dig in.

So, search the new database and have fun!


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