Family Tradition???

Most families have traditions that are passed down from generation to generation.  And then there are the traditions that die out.

With Easter coming up this Sunday, I was reminded about a group of pictures of my father’s side of the family and wondered about the strange plastic egg “tricks” in the pictures.  I will have to remember to ask if this was some sort of tradition, or just coincidence.

First, we have the men in the family performing the infamous plastic egg balancing act.  This picture is probably from 1967.


Next, the women folk give it a try.  I think the ladies had a little easier time since that hair helped hold the eggs in place.  Except for me. I’m the little girl with the yellow egg falling off my bonnet.


Then we fast forward a couple years and leave it up to the kids.  We apparently decided to kick it up a notch.  Anyone can balance half of a plastic egg on their head, but it takes real talent to balance half of a plastic egg on their head AND half an egg on each ear!  That’s me, the little girl on the left and 2 of my cousins (the same little boys in the first picture).


I kid about the family tradition but I love these pictures.  I don’t remember balancing the eggs but I do remember the Easter egg hunts at my grandmother’s every Easter.

Happy Easter!

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